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The dynamic development within Bremen's Überseestadt district is unstoppable.
On 13 July 2007, the budget and finance committee of the Bremen city state parliament agreed to the sale of Shed 1 within the Europahafen. As a result of this decision, Bremer Investitions-Gesellschaft mbH (BIG) was able to conclude a purchase contract with the group of investors. The success of this co-operative venture is attributable to the work of our company. Our individual solutions and the conceptual support for the project brought the participants together around a table. We additionally participated in price determination, resulting in an acceptable purchase price being negotiated for our client. The purchase agreement arrived at with the assistance of „ihochfünf“ and the satisfaction of our clients permit us here to refer to a successful project.

Logistics base sought in Hannover
ihoch5 was given the task of finding a suitable base in Hanover for a Hamburg-based developer of logistics property. We inspected a total of five locations and submitted a 200-page report recommending a development project in Hanover. Our inspection involved the assessment of logistics suitability and also took into account on-time realisation opportunities after we discussed options with city authorities and regional business promoters.

Investment property sold
A Bremen-based project developer for senior citizens' property constructed a group of buildings comprising a classic home for the elderly and three extra houses with facilities for assisted living. Two of these houses were sold to a housing association in a complex process of negotiations. The association had a say in the project prior to construction and was able to work with ihoch5 during the building phase to ensure its wishes were carried out.

New home for senior citizens
Doubt was cast on the future of a number of properties when a medium-sized operator of senior citizens' facilities in Germany's northwest region became insolvent. Contact was set up with a Hamburg-based investor before insolvency proceedings began. This became an extremely complex process that took two years to resolve, involving not only the future plan for the facilities but also the question of ownership of the properties. A viable plan over the long term for all parties was developed in collaboration with ihoch5.

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