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"Ihochfünf" is also capable of handling negotiation and mediation.
A conflict that arose at Wangerooge between the community and the owner reached a dead end. The community terminated a longstanding lease agreement, and the owner landed up in a difficult financial situation as a result. After a tough battle, a court eventually recommended mediation to both sides. This is when the "Ihochfünf" team got involved. The support provided to the owner as part of this process was not merely restricted to the negotiations with the community, but also involved the administrative district and the participating financial backers. "Ihochfünf" was able to lead all parties towards successful dialogue. The resultant willingness to talk and compromise led to a conclusion that was satisfactory to all parties.

EU project brought to successful conclusion
For three years, the City of Bremerhaven participated in an EU project which focused on developing various locations for offshore wind energy in the European Union. The project was managed by local business promoters. At a major final meeting, ihoch5 oversaw the task of summarising the project's findings and preparing them for dissemination to the press.

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