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Windenergie-Agentur Bremerhaven/Bremen e.V. at the end of 2009 found itself without a chief executive at short notice.
Our business provided assistance in this regard, and Jens Eckhoff got involved in a dual-function capacity and provided support for the work of WAB by additionally acting as a chief executive. In the months preceding the end of August 2010, it was possible to complete the bid campaign pertaining to the Leading-Edge Cluster competition of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. WAB was realigned and given a new orientation. External representation of the largest network within the wind industry was assumed on a number of occasions until a new chief executive was found.

Fresh wind for Africa
A successful operator of wind turbines wanted to explore new markets for turbines being dismantled in Germany. ihoch5 rose to this challenge and was able to open up a market in southern Africa. We contacted local energy suppliers, construction companies and project developers. A change in legal framework conditions has brought a delay to the project so far, but it is expected to go ahead in 2013.

Offshore wind needs logistics
For many years, ihoch5 has been successfully working together in the offshore wind industry with an international logistics business. This has involved developing this segment within the business' range of activities and providing expertise in the logistics needed for the wind industry. ihoch5 played a pivotal role in promoting mutual understanding and opening doors. Development is proving to be very successful and the business has become a leading wind energy expert in less than three years. We are very pleased to have been of assistance.

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