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We take ideas further
Our business is managed by Jens Eckhoff as sole shareholder. We have maintained a presence at our Bremen location since 2006. Our fields of activity encompass the whole of Germany and particularly its northern region.

We focus on projects that are demographic in nature such as "Living as Senior Citizens". To do this we make use of all aspects of barrier-free living right up to developing care facilities. We maintain strong partnerships with the Residenzgruppe Bremen, with its more than 30 residential parks throughout Germany, and with the Senioren Wohnpark Weser GmbH residential park for senior citizens.

A further focus is the renewable energies sector. Over the past 15 years, Jens Eckhoff as managing director has been involved in various capacities in developing Bremen and Bremerhaven into one of Europe's leading wind energy regions. As president of the German offshore wind energy foundation he took part in the development of the Alpha Ventus test field. Amongst our partners in this sector is Wind Energy Agency WAB, Germany's most successful wind energy network. Photovoltaics is a new area of activity for us and in our capacity as project developers we provide support to Adler Solar Service GmbH and Solar, two rapidly-expanding companies.

We take ideas further. People are increasingly moving into urban environments. The desire to benefit from excellent infrastructure and yet live close to nature does not have to remain a dream. We are working on new plans called "Living by the Water" and ensuring their environmentally-friendly planning and realisation.