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Jens Eckhoff
Jens Eckhoff is the driving force behind ihoch5, with decades of experience in banking, management, real estate, and politics. Before founding ihoch5, he was chairperson of the CDU faction in Bremen's parliament, and later was senator for construction, environment and transport in the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen for three years. A networking expert, Mr Eckhoff is president of the German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation and also a member of the supervisory boards of the Deutsche Windtechnik AG in Bremen.

Susanne Eckhoff
Is a qualified forwarding clerk. As an authorised signatory for ihoch5, she looks in particular after the company's internal business procedures, including the preparation of financial statements and the review of acquisitions and investments.

Claas Rohmeyer
This 42-year-old city state parliament delegate provides project-related support for the work of ihoch5. In particular, he maintains the contacts of the business to the press and media. His many years' experience in the field of public relations work are in particular useful to businesses seeking to propagate their network. One of the focal points here is the setting up of overall strategies in order to provide support for distribution activities through a strong media presence.