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Current news

Ihoch5 GmbH is searching for partners for the koop.stadt.2010+ project

We are searching for competent partners from the sectors of residential construction, architecture and business ventures in order jointly to participate with us in the development of a project on behalf of koop.stadt.2010+ in Bremen, Germany. In this context, we would like to place the emphasis on the two topics of „economic innovation and creative milieus“ and „urban quality of life“. We offer excellent networking, integration with partners1 and raising of the required third party resources. Interested parties are requested to send an email with compelling supporting documentation to info@ihochfuenf.de.

Concerning Koop.stadt.2010+:

The Hanseatic City of Bremen with its 548,000 inhabitants is North-West Germany´s largest commercial centre. Through its port tradition, Bremen occupies a cosmopolitan outward-looking stance while at the same exhibiting an uncomplicated and compact internal structure. A high leisure time score is achieved, characterised by its short routes and a pronounced awareness of local city district attractions. Structural transformation – the shipyard crisis, relocations of port functions, concentrations within the food and luxury article industry - has led to far-reaching changes to the structure of the economy, on the labour market and within the city districts, which were particularly affected by these. Bremen is making substantial efforts to restructure the city and its economy. Integrated plans of action and the responsible involvement of local stakeholders have hitherto guaranteed a compensative urban renewal policy. Quality of life assurance and ensuring the social balance within quarters remain pressing tasks for Bremen.

Koop.stadt.2010+: Co-operation among the three cities of Bremen, Leipzig and Nuremberg

The central idea of the koop.stadt.2010+ project, in a way that can also serve as a model for other German federal state cities, is to develop successful solution approaches in order to meet the challenges of 21st century European cities and to present these to the public. The three cities of Bremen, Leipzig and Nuremberg have come together for the purposes of this co-operation, since they are in a position to point out many characteristics they have in common (size, trading cities, etc.). These cities can serve as an illustrative model, a workshop and an impetus for the exploration of innovative strategies that successfully grapple with the future problems of urban development and therefore also promote assertiveness within the context of the international competition for locations.

During the period from 2007 to 2015, solution approaches are to be developed and specific projects are to be implemented regarding the following topics on the basis of strategic urban development planning:
  • Economic innovation and creative milieus (Bremen: city of science, the transfer of knowledge/competence centre for logistics, logistics services),
  • Urban quality of life (Bremen: creative city quarters of the future/city on the river/urban transformation within residential quarters/city compatible mobility) and
  • Regional co-operation and forms of joint local responsibility

Additional common characteristics are an innovative character, particular qualities that are striven towards and effectiveness designed for the long term. The outcomes of this project work are to be presented as part of a comprehensive image and public relations campaign, both as part of the exchange of experience amongst the three cities, as well as throughout Germany. The aim here is to achieve a broad-based raising of awareness pertaining to urban development policy.

You can obtain additional information, in particular concerning progress with the project, the costs, as well as the financing of the koop.stadt.2010+ project directly from us. We are also interested in co-operation work with partners in Leipzig and Nuremberg.

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